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Assign full Hoonuit course

I thought I was assigning a full Hoonuit course (ie, 21st Century Skills Concepts) for my teachers with the full four components: Learn It, Do It, Share It, Prove It. When I checked the assignment on a teacher account, only the Learn It videos appear. You have to click on "See More On This Topic" in the left-hand column to be able to access Do It, Share It, and Prove It tabs. I called Support and there is apparently no way to assign a full course.


Can you please update so I can assign a full Hoonuit course to my teachers? I was under the impression this was possible when I signed up. This validation of completion of the full course (all four steps) is imperative in our school environment.


Now as it is designed, I have to have them take way too many steps to jump all around Atomic to accomplish this task. HELP!



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