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Submitted by (@carmelcrane)

Makerspace Education

Makerspace education training that allows teachers to earn a certificate in Makerspace education. Activities include basic programming with Arduino, Raspbarian and Processing Programming languages in addition to an overview of commonly used maker space software such as Illustrator, Tinkercad and 123 Design as well as overviews of electronics and the use of maker space tools such as laser cutters, digital embroidery machines, ...more »


Submitted by (@briandean)

Apple Classroom

Our district is 1:1 with iPads at secondary level and cart based at lower levels. The Apple Classroom app for "in the moment" classroom management has been a huge asset to our teachers. However, not much training can be found for it. it doesn't require much, but some folks need the support. i think a small series on how to use the app would be really beneficial to a lot of people. Here's something I found on YouTube by ...more »


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Submitted by (@timholt)

The "other stuff" in Office 365

There are a bunch of programs in Office 365 for Education that anyone in a district that uses O365 has access to. It would be great to see training based on those. A simple list includes:

Microsoft Docs

Office Mix

Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Teams

Onenote for Class (Class Onenote)

OneNote for Staff

Microsoft Planner


among others.


Google classroom is not the only game in town and the MS offerings are pretty good.


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Submitted by (@psheamdsxcc)

Analytics for Higher Education

Data analytics systems are becoming more prevalent in schools, colleges, and universities--both in the administrative and academic sides. Tutorials explaining what analytics are and how they can be applied to improve student success would be a valuable addition to the Atomic Learning library. You would need to be careful to avoid using too much tech speak (which may trigger techno-phobia among faculty). My college is ...more »


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Submitted by (@rmike.smith)


I see SPSS 22 in the Atomic Learning catalogue but I have not found anything on the more recent SPSS 24. Version 24 was released in March of 2016. Are there plans to provide training on the updated software? This statistical analysis software is in abundant use in higher ed.


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