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Scrolling Module

It would be cool to get an module from Atomic Learning that an institution could put in Blackboard that would scroll through some of the available training. It could either be a total scroll like the one, post log in for the Newly Added Section or it could change upon refreshing of the page. Even better, would be the ability for a faculty member to customize the series that are being shown to either fit the institution ...more »


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Bb April 2014

Need for Bb April 2014 Edition Student Training. (NOTE: the current 9.1 Service Pack 14 - Student Training modules show a previous edition of Bb -- especially in the Assignments training. Can you please produce: 1. "Menu Neutral" Assignment Instructions -- "Click on a content area from the course menu" Do not mention a specific menu area because some menu area names may have been customized. The "Course Projects" ...more »


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