Career Skills Training

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A series on Notetaking

In a conversation I had with a current customer, she would like to see a new career skill series on how to take notes in class. Both from a handwritten note as well as how to take effective notes on a device. She has received messages from faculty members complaining that students do not know how to take notes and thought this would be a good series for incoming freshman to take.


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Site Features

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Video completion/blocking next video until current view complete

Can you block users from advancing to the next tutorial in a series until they have watched the current one in its entirety? When I view staff times with OneNote 2013, for example, it states they've viewed 1h:24m of video, but the times between videos are unrealistic - 2 or 3 seconds between videos. Or, alternately, do not award viewers the time for the video if they close out of the video prematurely.


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