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Video completion/blocking next video until current view complete

Can you block users from advancing to the next tutorial in a series until they have watched the current one in its entirety? When I view staff times with OneNote 2013, for example, it states they've viewed 1h:24m of video, but the times between videos are unrealistic - 2 or 3 seconds between videos. Or, alternately, do not award viewers the time for the video if they close out of the video prematurely.


Site Features

Feature to add total time for selected videos using LTI tool

When pulling content into an LMS, it would be great if selecting tutorials, there was a feature that could add up the times of the tutorials. This is handy when trying to limit how much a student views per night. For example, if a professor wants to limit students to viewing only a half hour of tutorials per night, as they are selecting the tutorials when presented , they could scroll down to see a feature letting them... more »