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Full screen playback

I would love to see a way to watch a course on full screen, however, when I go to full screen mode, there is no way to click to play the next lesson or the previous or an auto play feature. Please take this into consideration, I was watching a course on Outlook Web App and the text looks to small for me on the video player, if I wanted to watch full screen I would need to exit full screen each time the video ends so that ...more »


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Varying Playback Speeds

A customer would like an option to play AL tutorials at a few rates of speed. Quote below from Customer.


"We use a lot of Atomic Learning videos for Adobe software training...but students have limited time for watching and doing...and so the ability for them to speed up videos to watch the first time through and then to go back for areas that they need to revisit at a slower a great time saver. "