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Enhanced Assessment Reporting

To be able to see feedback regarding what questions were missed as a group. Is there a common thread that shows common questions or topics that were missed so that we can organize training in that way. Right now the data shows a broad response. For instance, they may need help in Communication and Collaboration. What did they miss specifically? The way the results print out we can’t see that easily. Is there a way... more »

Site Features

Learning Community in Atomic Learning for teachers

A suggestion from a customer:

Is there a way we can create a learning community in Atomic Learning for teachers? Weare looking for a way to house all the teacher trainings in a community or forum that will let them email lessons and ideas or ask questions. I know I can assign work and have it available for teachers to view but can they answer back and send files for everyone in the group to see?



Training on Tracdat by Nuventive

A customer would like to see training on Tracdat by Nuventive. "TracDat® is a flexible software system that helps institutions align planning initiatives, review and reflect on academic and non-academic outcomes, and take action to improve performance." - Nuventive Website. Customer also explained that there are a number of other Minnesota Campuses that use this software as well, including a couple of current customers.... more »


Common Core Training

Ability to take ISTE Assessments in an LMS

In a conversation with a customer it came up that it would be nice to have the ability to take the ISTE Assessments through their LMS. This would be pretty close to the same way skills assessments are brought into an LMS through the LTI tool. Even better if the grade center functionality worked with it.